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Trek To Madhugiri Fort

After the fast trek to Devarayana Durga, we wanted more action. One of my friends pointed out that we could do another short trek as we had time. We didn’t want to waste our time travelling long, so we settled for Madhugiri fort, which was around 40kms from Devarayana Durga. The road to Madhugiri is in bad condition and it slowed us down. We reached the fort at 10:00AM.

A View Of Madhugiri Betta

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Trek To Devarayana Durga

Catching the sunrise from top of the hill was on everyone’s mind as we started off towards Devarayana Durga at 4:30 AM on cold Saturday morning. The drive to the hill was very comfortable. We were able to get out of the city in 20mins. We did not carry any food except water, so we decided to stop by at a CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) near Dobbespet on Tumkur Highway. After filling our stomaches with frozen Idly we reached the foot hills of Devarayana Durga.

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Trek To Nijagal Betta

I got up quite early on sunday and decided not to waste my time on tv/movies. I just wanted to head out. I called a couple of my friends and we decided on the spot to trek Nijagal Betta. One of the main reason was the distance. It is around 70kms from Bangalore and it made it easier for us to comeback. My friends had other plans in the afternoon. By the time we started from Bangalore it was 10:00 A.M, not the best time to start out on a trek with sun beating down at us. We don’t have the luxury of taking a day off for treks, so we decided to go in this condition.

Route: Bangalore (Take NICE road, get off at Tumkur Road) -> (66kms) Dabespet -> (4 km)  Reliance Petrol Pump (On Right side)-> Nijagal Betta Foot Hills

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The Enchanting Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is a fusion music band with jazz rhythms integrated Slokas, Mythology etc. Their music has a very soothing feel. I have been a big fan of Indian Ocean for about 6 years. I had been to their concert twice before. This time around I heard that the Bengali Cultural Association had booked them for Durga Pooja Festive season. I booked my tickets well in advance. However when I arrived at the venue, I was disappointed to see a sparse turnout. My guess would be around 800 people. We had to wait for 1 good hour before Indian Ocean took the centre stage.


Indian Ocean Live!


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