Monthly Archives: October 2009

Coversation Debate!! – Life As I See It!

Every got a chance to be a third party observer in a discussion of the “adults” over some auspicious ceremonies? If so, are they from different cultural backgrounds and a suffers from language barrier? That would be one really funny conversation. I had the privilege to be in one such endeavors.

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Biking @ Ladakh – Part I (Journey To Leh)

This was a 15 day bike trip in Ladakh. I decided to share my experience here by making it a 3 part series. The first one is about the journey to Leh. I shared some of the notes i have taken down during and trip and did not modify it to preserve the authenticity. This is the first time iam tryig out this kind of travelog so let me know how you guys feel.  I have added a funny incidence section and my personal account of the trip too.

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