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To Keerganga & Kalga – H.P, India

Sometimes, long deserved rest makes it as interesting as cat on hot tin roof. I never thought of a vacation as time spent just sitting idle and doing nothing. For the first time in my life I learned the art of sitting idle and enjoying nature. How does one feel to get up one morning with neither plan or aim? Will it make sense? Am I a hippie? These were some of the questions that went through my mind as I walked up to a small village named Kalga close to Barshanni. The first sight of the village took me by surprise. It was not a typical Himachal village I was familiar with. It looked like a big farm with guest houses spread across randomly. There were hardly any locals around, which made it weird. Few orthodox Jewish settlements apart, I hardly found anyone.

On the way to Keerganga

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Trek To Chandrakhani Pass – Part 2

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Time to Go!

We got off to a late start. Our plan was to cross the famed Chandrakhani pass. We were told that the pass is very misty and had to be careful while crossing it. Quick breakfast followed by packing, set the tone for the day. Walking along rugged landscape provided glimpse of little secluded villages that are not connected by road. Standing at 3660m, Chandrakhani pass promised spectacular trek route. We hardly spoke during the trek as we were captivated by sheer beauty of majestic lush green mountains. Our guide suggested that we revisit this pass during late winter. According to him it would be heaven on earth. Perhaps one day we would revisit this pass, as for now it was the journey ahead.

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Trek To Chandrakhani Pass – Part 1

It started badly for us. Anxious white lady wanting to meet her injured husband, frustrated foreigners and chatty honeymooners all stranded sipping hot tea in middle of nowhere. The rains came down hard on us dampening our plan. The casual onlookers found it amusing at the sight of people running around helplessly seeking help. Casual tap on my shoulders and a reassuring look on my friends face convinced me that I need to forget about everything and take a nap in the bus. I was woken up by my co-passenger who offered me mixed nuts as I have not eaten all day. This kind old lady was stranded like rest of us due to land slide on the way to Manali. She was in a hurry to meet her husband in hospital at Manali who had a major motorcycle accident.

Landslide en-route Manali

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Coastal Road Trip (Karnataka)

As part of 9 day trip, we decided to cover Karnataka coastal lines and possibly some parts of Kerala. We also decided to divert from the coastal lines and possibly visit a few water falls and interesting areas that are closer to the coastal areas. First part of the plan was to visit some small towns like Sirsi and Sonda in Uttara Kannada district. This was on the way to reach the coastal line at Ankola.

Deserted Road

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Beach Trek: Gokarna To Dhareshwar

Winter being the right season for a beach trek, we got that into our road trip plan. Our plan was to do a Gokarna – Honnavar trek along the beach. This stretch was not all beaches. There are places where the hills were jetting out into the sea, river joining the sea, backwaters etc to hinder the smooth beach trek. Our goal was to stick as close as possible to the sea.

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Trekking @ Lug Valley, Kullu

Winter backpacking has always been fun. Winters in Himalayas are always unpredictable and gives a sense of adventure. This time around we planned to hike along the Lug Valley near Kullu. This stretch is not so well known and is of low altitude. This was chosen to avoid snow trek during this season.

Pre Trek: Our group of 5 arrived at Manali after a long and bumpy bus ride. We checked into a hotel got ready for pre trek shopping. Manali is well know for its woolens and we wanted to stuff a few more clothing into our already over sized bags. Striking a hard bargain with these vendors is a skill. Luckily we had girls in the group who were good at it. We met Kaushal at Manali who was organizing this trek for us. He had sent us the plan before hand and he informed us that he had arranged a taxi to take us to starting of the trek point.

A View From Kaushal's Balcony

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Trek To Madhugiri Fort

After the fast trek to Devarayana Durga, we wanted more action. One of my friends pointed out that we could do another short trek as we had time. We didn’t want to waste our time travelling long, so we settled for Madhugiri fort, which was around 40kms from Devarayana Durga. The road to Madhugiri is in bad condition and it slowed us down. We reached the fort at 10:00AM.

A View Of Madhugiri Betta

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