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Coastal Road Trip (Kerala) – I

This post is continuation of the previous post on Karnataka. This is the next part of the coastal trip as we moved further south to Karnataka. Due to time limitation, we could not cover Kerala fully. I hope to finish off this trip later in the year. We start off to Kerala on Day 7.

Day 7: From Agumbe, we took a small detour to a hill named Kundari for the sunrise. It was rare instance when the whole team was up and ready by 5:15 A.M. We drove down a broken road toward Kundari. The roads were narrow and bad with no direction boards. It was mostly by trial and error we managed to find the route to the top. There were atleast 10 other people who had reached before us to watch the sun rise.

Sunrise At Kundari

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How To Report News : rediff way!

This is front page of we get news “Follow Mumbai House Wife Molested“. I wonder if this is the reporting “ethics” people talk about?

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Visit To Madhukeshwara Temple

During my recent visit to Sonda, i visited Banavasi, known to be the capital of The Kadambas, oldest royal dynasty of Karnataka. The town of Banavasi was known by many names such as ‘Jayanthipura’ or ‘Vaijayanthipura’ during the Kadamba period and Vijaynagara inscriptions indicates that it was called ‘Kanakavathi’ during the 14th century. Whatever may be the name, the ancient town of Banavasi has its share of fascinating history. Although i did not have time to explore the whole town and its surroundings, i was able to visit the famous Madhukeshwara Temple. The temple is known to have been built by the Kadambas.

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Coastal Road Trip (Karnataka)

As part of 9 day trip, we decided to cover Karnataka coastal lines and possibly some parts of Kerala. We also decided to divert from the coastal lines and possibly visit a few water falls and interesting areas that are closer to the coastal areas. First part of the plan was to visit some small towns like Sirsi and Sonda in Uttara Kannada district. This was on the way to reach the coastal line at Ankola.

Deserted Road

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Beach Trek: Gokarna To Dhareshwar

Winter being the right season for a beach trek, we got that into our road trip plan. Our plan was to do a Gokarna – Honnavar trek along the beach. This stretch was not all beaches. There are places where the hills were jetting out into the sea, river joining the sea, backwaters etc to hinder the smooth beach trek. Our goal was to stick as close as possible to the sea.

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Mekekattu Nandikeshwara Temple (The Wooden Temple)

During my recent trip to Kundapura city near Udupi, Karnataka i chanced upon a strange temple called Nandikeshwara. I was told that all the idols were made of wood. This temple is considered to be atleast 1000 years old. However the temple has a modern building outlook. My guess would be that the temple was rebuilt after it was demolished. Situated in a remote place near Saibrakatte, its said to attract large crowd during Shankranthi festival.

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