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Sunderbans – West Bengal, India

It all started in Kolkatta. You would think that when I am in a different state my senses would awaken soon enough. But of course, I was proved wrong. My eyelids refused to open and my body froze at the sound of the alarm ringing at 4 in the morning. With less than few hours of sleep to my credit, it was surprising that I even got up. I rushed on with my morning routine and left for the station. With the humidity almost too much to bear, I was thankful to my host for providing me with an AC room.

On arriving a bit early at the railway station, I had the pleasure of roaming around in search of familiar faces. It was not difficult to spot my ‘gang’ as they were loaded with huge backpacks and looked ready for an adventure. After the initial niceties, we boarded the local train to Canning from where a tempo will take us to the port. The travel in the tempo was the fun part, with a few of us sitting on top as there was no space inside. All through the way, I heard interesting stories from my fellow traveler who proved to be an intelligent source of information throughout the trip.

The Boat - Travelling Through Mangroves - Photo By Sanghita Mukherjee

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Hunsur Snake Encounters

With my legs still itchy from numerous tick bites i received from my Bhadra trip a week ago, i started off to Hunsur for a Snake handling camp. This was conducted by Gerry Martin Project. The aim was to learn about snakes and snake handling. This would be the first time for me to actually learn about these creatures. On friday morning, i picked up Sharada, Asha, Arun and Neerav and started off to camp. 3 hours later we reached the camp. Our camp coordinator, Chaitanya had not yet arrived and so we were loitering around. The farm belonged to Gerry Martin a well know Herpetologist. Chaitanya, former IBMer, introduced us to other two participants Adam Blair and Dinesh.  The schedule was simple.

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