Monthly Archives: January 2008

CCR all the way!!

I would have never thought i will be writing a blog on the band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). I first song i heard of this band was on a soundtrack of “Remember The Titans”. The song “Around the bend” was very catchy and feel good number. As time passed i got really addicted to this song. I decided to try out their album, so i chose the Greatest Hits album. The first track of the album was “Proud mary”, which was so good that i instantly liked it. As the album began to roll on i started to enjoy every bit of it. I could not believe that i missed such an impressive band. It is strange that this band never made a major impact with selling records as one would have expected. They seem to have this slow and feel good touch to the music unlike most rock bands around. Most of the songs had great lyrics, and good guitar work. Its a good replacement to Simon and Garfunkel. For all those folks out there who have not heard CCR, i suggest you hear them as they are very very good. So go on and grab a CCR album and enjoy.