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Tibetan Mask Dance (QAMO)

The sounds of beating drums echo in my ears, as I brace myself to watch one of the ‘weird’ performances that I might ever witness. A ritual dance is such a personal experience to the participant that I feel like an intruder. My inner self nudges me to move away, another cynic in me chides my overactive mind for jumping to conclusions (after all I am an atheist)! Then of course, the mountaineer in me that always raises thumbs when I finish a climb, asks me watch on. And was it an experience. The Qamo dance performed by Tibetan monks was indeed a sight to behold. Even if my belief in God or any other Godman is limited to the extent of complete lax, I believe that the dance was so filled with faith and belief that it might actually drive away the evil spirits like it was meant to be.

The Daemons Lined Up During The Qamo Dance

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Pink Floyd – Tribute

Recently i attended a concert by Pink Floyd tribute band called Breathe – The Floyd Sound. They performed in many parts of the city and country. I had a chance to catch them perform at UB City. They were very professional and sounded very good. The only disappointment was the sound system. Midway into the concert some of us were barely able to hear the vocals. The band performed the popular songs as well as not so well known ones like Arnold Layne and Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun. Overall it was memorable concert.

Breathe - The Floyd Sound Performing Another Brick In The Wall II

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