Monthly Archives: April 2010

Man vs Wild (Trips To Bhandipur & Bhadra Tiger Reserves)

Here are few pictures from my recent visits to few tiger reserves in south india. The experince had been awesome. The Photographs credit goes to Ananth, Sripathi, Deepak and Arun.

Nature Views:

Lonely Road In Middle Of Badhra Foest - Ananth Narayan

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Trek To Bilikallu Rangaswamy Betta

Our recent trip to Rangaswamy Betta has been nothing short of an experience. Iam lazy to write my own post on this experience.

This is the link to my friend who nicely detailed the trek.

Coming Of Age? Or Age Of Innocence?

Its that time in life we get this feeling that we are under pressure without someone actually pressuring. Yet you know it exits and you dread the day when the question would be asked? Guys around the age 27 to 32 should guess it instantly. This post is for the guys who might be able relate to this post. This written from a guys point of view and no offense must be taken.

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