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Adventures Of Palpongi – I

Palpongi and his 4 friends were standing near Prasad’s IMAX bargaining with a street vendor. Palpongi soon grew tired of all the bargaining and   started bugging his friends to move on. His visibly irritated friends decided to give him a task. This task involved speaking in Hindi which is not his forte. His friend Debo (not fluent himself) made Palpongi mug up a few questions in Hindi to ask the Autowala and repeat back what was told to him. The task was simple. With limited knowledge of shopping, Debo assumed that Bamboo Baskets which are quite popular in Hyderabad are available at stores in area called Lakdi-Ka-Pool. To confirm his knowledge he wanted Palpongi to inquire about that area. The second question was to find out the extra charges that would be imposed by autowala to ferry a group larger than the specified limit of  3. Continue reading