Trek To Devarayana Durga

Catching the sunrise from top of the hill was on everyone’s mind as we started off towards Devarayana Durga at 4:30 AM on cold Saturday morning. The drive to the hill was very comfortable. We were able to get out of the city in 20mins. We did not carry any food except water, so we decided to stop by at a CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) near Dobbespet on Tumkur Highway. After filling our stomaches with frozen Idly we reached the foot hills of Devarayana Durga.


Misty Devarayana Durga

We were told that there are two ways to reach the top. One way is to take the stairs leading to the top, while the other was road. We thought there would be a trek route. Disappointed, we took the stairs to the top. We had another group of college goers for company. We didn’t want that noisy group to disturb us, so we raced our way to the top. Its a very easy climb and we reached the top in 10 minutes. The only  problem were monkeys.

A View Of The Town From Midway

Lone Sculpture Near The Temple

On the top of the Hill is a Lakshmi Naramsimha Swami Temple. The temple is located at the top of the hill. At the time we reached the temple it was closed. We explored the area and found another structure further on top of a rock. We were not sure of the path to reach the top. After a while we finally figured out the route to the top.

Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

On top we found small structure. Its not clear if it was a temple that was destroyed, none the less we could see a small bell attached to the ceiling of that structure.

An Unidentified Structure - It could have been a temple

History: I did not have time to talk to locals regarding the history of this place. Internet research did not throw up anything interesting. Here a bit of information that i found.

The place was originally known as Anebiddasari then as Jadakana Durga after a chief named Jadaka and finally as Devarayana Durga subsequent to its capture by Mysore king Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar. Tradition relates that a robber chief named Andhaka or Lingaka had his stronghold here, and he was subdued by sumati, a prince, whose father, Hemachandra, was the king of Karnata and ruled from Yadupattana. On accomplishing the enterprise on which he had set forth, Sumathi is said to have established the city of Bhumandana near the present Nelamangala and taken up residence there for the protection of that part of his fathers kingdom. Under the Hoysalas, there seems to have been, on the hill, a town called Anebiddasari or the precipice where the elephant fell. A rogue elephant, which the sthala purana describes as a Gandharva suddenly appeared before the town to the great consternation of the people and after doing considerable mischief, tried to walk up the steep rock on the west, when it slipped, fell back and was killed. The hill is accordingly called as Karigiri in the Puranas. Under the Vijayanagara Kings, the use of the same name continued, and a large tank, named Bukkasamudra, was formed after throwing an embankment across the gorge from which the river Jayamangali has its source. Remains of the embankment and of the adjacent town can still be traced.

Route: Bangalore (Tumkur Highway) ->  Dobbespet (Right Turn Under The Flyover) -> Devarayana Durga (65km from Bangalore)

More Photos:

A View Of Waterbody From Top

Panorama Of Nearby Hills

A View Of Uniquely Shaped Hill

Reference: Devarayanadurga History


8 responses to “Trek To Devarayana Durga

  1. good that you guys finally went out for some trek !! nice pics..

  2. Absolutely stunning – I hope I make it there one day.

  3. @Ankita, we have been doing that last week, week before that also! 🙂

    @perfectperfectionist, thanks! do make it!

  4. hi varun,
    and now varun trcking to temples!!!!!!
    good change and god bless you with more
    such searches, which may be a tour guide
    for people like us….
    by the way, whoz your partner for that
    froaen idly? awaiting more of such blogs…

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  6. Great writeup with beautiful photos !
    Its amazing that you are finding so much of history on each place and publishing it for our knowledge
    Way to go !

    • Thanks veeru, you might be able to find a lot of information about these places in various blogs, i didnt find anyone giving a history of these places. So let me try to do it 🙂

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