Monthly Archives: November 2010

Trip To Glorious Hampi

The silence in the room was interrupted by Mozart’s Symphony 9. I rushed over to take the call. I was informed that my friends would not be able to make it to the trip. We had planned for the trip a week ago and 9 people showed interest. In the last minute the number came down to just 2. I had no intention of re-planning the trip and i wanted to go ahead even if no one joins me. Luckily, my friend did not back out in the last minute. We hit Tumkur Highway NH4 by 5:00 PM and stopped at CCD for a break. We had no intention of driving all night. The road was in excellent condition till Chitradurga.  The road turned really bad after that. Our average speed was reduced to 30kmph. Driving at night is bad idea especially when the roads are bad. We managed to reach Hampi at 1:00 AM. We had booked a room at Gopi Guest House, Hampi. The owner wanted us to call him once we reach Hampi. We were warned that there would be no signal at Hampi. We informed the owner well in advance of our arrival. Hampi is a small village which is closed at night. No vehicles are permitted to enter the village. However, our guest house owner managed to get us the permit to enter the village. We were tired and hit the sacks immediately.

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