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Cricket In Me!

Its been 8 years since i last watched a cricket match. Iam one of the very few Indians who at one point in their lives held a pluck-card in front of tv with tricolor smeared on the face and later on lost complete interest in the game of cricket. When you live in a country which is devoid of any other sports other than cricket, its almost impossible to avoid any sort of cricket conversations. I will still maintain the fact that i did lose interest in the game and i will not be following the game anytime in near future. However throughout the 20 odd years i lived and breathed cricket, i witnessed the phenomenon named Sachin. He was present on the walls of my room in the form of posters in different sizes. Till this day i find it amazing that there is something in me that makes me follow his career after losing interest in what he does.  When there is a cricket conversation at the table i would mostly remain a mute spectator but keep a ear open for the word “Sachin”. It would give me immense interest in knowing what his standings are in today’s game. I have grazed past the days of  “Sachin is God”, “Sachin is better than Bradman” to “Sachin is old”, “Sachin should quit” to yet again “If cricket is religion, then Sachin is god”. None of this made me follow cricket but it made me follow the career of this great man. I have a lots to say about him and his influences on me, but thats something Iam afraid to face. I don’t want to rekindle the interest in the game just for this man. Yesterday the great man reached a landmark which made me proud of him. So here iam raising a toast to the great man….. and i will close this post with Status Messages of friends celebrating the success of the little man of the nation.

“Twin Feathers on Sachin’s Hat !!! ”

“Awards and Records sooner or later always go to the most deserving person”

“Reducing the number of atheists in India since 1989 – Sachin Tendulkar !!!”

“storm originated at gwalior hits south africa … act of god is unavoidable ..”

“Whoa 200 …whats next on ur wishlist ?”

“2 Ton-dulkar  – was my long time pending dream to see it real ”

“Ageless Sachin”


Vettaikaran – Song Lyrics In English

The tamil film and music industry of the 70’s can be proud of its huge collection of thought provoking, poetic lyrics. The same industry today produces some of worst lyrics in the world. To make the matters worst these songs with disgusting lyrics become major hits. The industry now focuses on only dance numbers giving no importance to lyrics. Having said that one can argue that there are still few songs with good lyrics that are recorded in new era. I noticed that the few food songs were mostly love songs and i would not give any credit to them. If anyone reads about the history of music across cultures, its love songs that have often been portrayed poetically and redone many a times. Writing a love song is like an experiment where the result is already known. Many would like to argue on that point, but its just my opinion.

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