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Opera, Opera!

Certain types of music are acquired taste. Opera falls into that category. I have been listening and watching Operas for a while now and I have falling in love with that form of music. Apart from music the sheer visual presence of performers along with the orchestra is breathtaking.

As a rookie Opera fan, I was excited at the possibility of witnessing an Opera performance in Bangalore. I was overly excited that I booked my seats in advance. However there was one little thing that slipped my mind which caused enough embarrassment later on.

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How To Report News : rediff way!

This is front page of rediff.com we get news “Follow Mumbai House Wife Molested“. I wonder if this is the reporting “ethics” people talk about?

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Coming Of Age? Or Age Of Innocence?

Its that time in life we get this feeling that we are under pressure without someone actually pressuring. Yet you know it exits and you dread the day when the question would be asked? Guys around the age 27 to 32 should guess it instantly. This post is for the guys who might be able relate to this post. This written from a guys point of view and no offense must be taken.

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Define Irony?

I was just glancing the headlines of Deccan Herald news paper today that i noticed the news about the Navy air show going wrong yesterday resulting in the Pilot and Copilot losing their lives.

This is the front page of the paper carrying the news

The Air Show Disaster

On Page 13: The Picture Of The Dead Co-Pilot

The Pic Of The Diseased Co-Pilot

The very next page of the paper has an Ad!

An Ad! To Join The Navy

Have we become so inconsiderate? Its almost like saying “ok so he is dead”, “who want to replace him?”. The newspaper must have at least that sense.