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Vettaikaran – Song Lyrics In English

The tamil film and music industry of the 70’s can be proud of its huge collection of thought provoking, poetic lyrics. The same industry today produces some of worst lyrics in the world. To make the matters worst these songs with disgusting lyrics become major hits. The industry now focuses on only dance numbers giving no importance to lyrics. Having said that one can argue that there are still few songs with good lyrics that are recorded in new era. I noticed that the few food songs were mostly love songs and i would not give any credit to them. If anyone reads about the history of music across cultures, its love songs that have often been portrayed poetically and redone many a times. Writing a love song is like an experiment where the result is already known. Many would like to argue on that point, but its just my opinion.

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A Week Of Iranian Cinema

After the trek, it was time to relax. Nothing befitting than watch some good movies. Thats my idea of relaxation in city.I had 3 movies lined up for viewing. The first one was “The Dark Night”, “Children Of Heaven” and “The Color Of Paradise”. Dark Night is the latest batman flick which everyone is talking about. The “excellent” casting of Heath Ledger as joker is often raved about. I have seen it on dvd before and was not all that impressed about it. But after lot of people recommending me to go to the theaters, i decided to give it a shot. Surely it was not as bad as i thought. It was very good entertainer and worth a watch. I guess its the best batman movie so far. This blog entry is not to talk about this movie, rather about two Iranian cinemas i have seen on the same day. I was a bit skeptical of Iranian movies as i thought it would be about some religious nut cases trying to make a point. But it turns out to be way more than that. It makes Hollywood/Bollywood movies look dumb. I guess they are dumb when compared to this.

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