To Keerganga & Kalga – H.P, India

Sometimes, long deserved rest makes it as interesting as cat on hot tin roof. I never thought of a vacation as time spent just sitting idle and doing nothing. For the first time in my life I learned the art of sitting idle and enjoying nature. How does one feel to get up one morning with neither plan or aim? Will it make sense? Am I a hippie? These were some of the questions that went through my mind as I walked up to a small village named Kalga close to Barshanni. The first sight of the village took me by surprise. It was not a typical Himachal village I was familiar with. It looked like a big farm with guest houses spread across randomly. There were hardly any locals around, which made it weird. Few orthodox Jewish settlements apart, I hardly found anyone.

On the way to Keerganga

Spending two days in this remote village surrounded by mountains was relaxing and engaging. We spent most of our time listening to music, playing some musical instruments and reading books. The rest days came to end with us taking a hike to Keerganga.


Legend has it that Keerganga got its name from an incident that took place in the vedic times. Karthikeya, son of Lord Shiva came here to meditate. Before going into meditation, he started preparing Keer (Rice pudding). However he accidentally, pushed the pot into the small water hole. Its this hot pudding pot that continues to keep the water flowing out of that hole hot and white in color. Nice story apart, the natural hot water spring found in Keerganga is a delight. The hot water coming out of the spring is well channeled into a bathing area where people could take bath.

Relaxing in hot spring water

Sitting in hot water surrounded by mountains is a sight to behold. I cannot get it out of my mind till today. Perhaps I will visit this place again, until then its these photographs that ought to do it.

Mountains surrounding the bath area at Keerganga


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