Datia & Sonagiri – MP, India

Driving 35kms from Orchha, I entered a little town called Datia. Following the direction showed by my hungry stomach led me to this little town. I had not eaten anything since morning and was looking for a good meal. Little did I know that this part of the country does not wake up for the most important meal of the day. Having repeatedly shown a sweet shop as a place for breakfast, I settled for a sweet beginning. The owner of the shop pointed me to a interesting palace tucked away inside the noisy little town. The Palace was no different from the one I saw in Orchha.

Datia Palace

Pathway At The Palace

Sonagiri at only 15 km from Datia is one of the most important jain pilgimage sites in India. 84 temples were built on a hill. Like all jain sites the place was very well kept and the ambiance was relaxed.

Sonagiri Hill

Pathway To Top Of Hill

Jain Temple

Inside The Temple

I drove off to Gwalior with the image of the 84 temples on my mind.


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