Trek At Savandurga

Its been 2 months since i had gone for any outing. Excellent weather pushed us to come up with some plan. Our initial plan was to do a night trek. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to drop it. My friend came up with some suggestions and we chose Savandurga. A 61km drive from Bangalore on Magadi road took us to the foot hills. This is supposed to be one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia. Indeed it was huge. The moment we parked our vehicle at the foothills there were people offering to show us the path to the top of the hill. We realized that it was quite intuitive and  rejected the offers. There were two hills, Bili Gudda (White Hills) and  Kari Gudda (Black Hills). We decided to trek Bili Gudda as Kari Gudda was quite tough and required climbing equipments.

SavanDurga As Seen On The Way To Foothills

The climb was quite comfortable at the beginning,  and the way to the top was marked by white arrows. It was quite easy to figure out the route to the top. The easiest way to top would be follow the electricity line all way to the top. We saw another group of trekkers deviating from the known path and struggling to climb the steep slope. They gave up and came back to the known path. We gained altitude quite quickly. In the first hour, our only stop was to take some pictures. As we moved upwards the arrows soon disappeared and we took the most intuitive path to the top. As we started climbing we realized that the electricity line was no longer in sight. We knew we had come the wrong way or the hard way but there was no chance of retracing the route. The climb was at 70 deg and we had to crawl up in all fours. In such steep slope we could not even rest. If we stopped we are sure to lose grip and slide down the slope. I closed my eyes and started climbing with all my strength. Finally, after agonizing 15 mins we reached flat surface. We decided to rest for a while.

Dogs Climbing With Us

There was water trickling down the rock as seen in the picture above that created lots of problem for us. We found it difficult to get a good grip on the surface. Losing the grip would be fatal. Luckily, our past experience helped us tackle this slippery situation. We were quite exhausted, but we knew we were almost on the top. Another 30 mins climb would take us there. My fellow trekker had to reach Bangalore by 2:00 PM. With time limits in mind we decided to go ahead with the climb for another 15mins and then return back. We knew we might not be able to reach the top, but we had no choice. We expected the descent to be as tough. We had a hard limit of 2 hours to climb down. We started off pretty fast and made good ground. The only point that slowed us down was the 70 deg slope. We could not walk down. We had to slide down inch by inch to avoid getting hurt. It was quite precarious and we took our own time to slide down. We ran out of water and were quite thirsty. We found a few locals climbing the hill with Juice and Water to sell at the top for climbers. We decided to buy few drinks from them. One of the vendors advised us to climb down in much slower pace. Just a week ago a trekker from Bangalore slipped and had a fatal accident. This hill was known for such accidents. We took the warning seriously and climbed down with caution.

A View Of Arkavathi River From Top Of The Hill

After 4 hours we reached the bottom of the hill. We realized that there were many more trekkers that were starting their climb from the foot hills. We were lucky to finish our trek before the big crowd reached the top. Overall it was a decent trek. Difficulty : Moderate.


8 responses to “Trek At Savandurga

  1. what ‘fellow trekker’ man… write my name 😛 lol

  2. post more pics dude…..:) (with people in the picture and back ground if possible……)

  3. More pics, please!

  4. U seem to become more professional now… continous trekking!

  5. @aditya, Sharaddha, i started doing that in my new posts.

    @sachi, yeah, if someone pays for all these ill go full time 😛

  6. your experience and your revue helped me a lot as we are planning to go out there to trek….:)

  7. To see how difficult this hill to climb, take the road from Magadi to Ramnagar. The road itself is an attraction. Then all of a sudden you see this monolith towering over the other hills – a mesmerizing sight. It is a tourist attraction and challenge to the trekkers. However, the trouble is the state government has taken no steps to improve the travel facilities to this scenic spot. Karnataka is lagging behind other states in this respect and losing lot of tourist revenue and job opportunities for the local youngsters. Have well trained travel guides and encourage tour operators to include these hills in their travel catalogues

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