Adventures Of Palpongi – I

Palpongi and his 4 friends were standing near Prasad’s IMAX bargaining with a street vendor. Palpongi soon grew tired of all the bargaining and   started bugging his friends to move on. His visibly irritated friends decided to give him a task. This task involved speaking in Hindi which is not his forte. His friend Debo (not fluent himself) made Palpongi mug up a few questions in Hindi to ask the Autowala and repeat back what was told to him. The task was simple. With limited knowledge of shopping, Debo assumed that Bamboo Baskets which are quite popular in Hyderabad are available at stores in area called Lakdi-Ka-Pool. To confirm his knowledge he wanted Palpongi to inquire about that area. The second question was to find out the extra charges that would be imposed by autowala to ferry a group larger than the specified limit of  3.

Debo: dude, first ask where in Lakdikapool (which is a big area) do we get these bamboo baskets. In hindi, you can ask something like “Lakdikapool me bamboo tokri kidhar milega?” . Listen carefully to what the autowalla replies. Then the next question to ask is that we are 5 people how much will it cost to go there. In hindi, “Hum panch log hai, udhar janekeliye kithna padega” ( which is not the right translation)

Palpongi: ok got! (He repeated the above hindi questions 5 times to memorize)   He approached a autowala and tried the memorized hindi questions.

Palpongi: Ladkhi-Ka-fool kidhar milega (where do we get a women’s flower?…. in colloquial term translates to a women’s privates)                                                             The shocked driver decided to help out this chap. He pointed at a bus stand. Autowalla: Thus bhaje ke bath aapko miljayega (You will get it after 10’o clock near that bus stand, – meaning Hookers)                                                                  Palpongi not understanding a word decided to ask the next question he has memorized.                                                                                                                           Palpongi: Hum panch log hai, kitna padega (We are 5 people, how much will it cost).                                                                                                                                                   Autowalla: Arey! Appko mein broker jaise dikrahoon kya? Muje kaise patha? App un se poochligeye. (Do i look like a pimp to you, How do i know? Go and ask them)                                                                                                                                                       Confused Palpongi returned to the group and started accusing Debo of teaching him bad words in hindi. It took 10mins to clarify what had happened with auto driver and we finally made it to Lakdi-Ka-Pool in the same auto. All in a days works for Palpongi and Co.


9 responses to “Adventures Of Palpongi – I

  1. OMG! hilarious! am assuming this is a work of fiction.

  2. Hilarious man … this reminds me of my DCE days where we had a big group by andhraites and they used to struggle with Hindi 🙂 ..

  3. Good one da. Time pass… An odd category from your other blogs…

  4. Heard this story from you already… nevertheless had me in splits again 😀

  5. thanks guys!
    @sachi, under that tag i always had short stories from personal life…. 🙂
    @rachita, nope 😛

  6. Excellent!! I m ROFL!!

  7. Downright hilarious! 😀

  8. hee hee… comical 🙂

  9. bah! humbug!

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