Define Irony?

I was just glancing the headlines of Deccan Herald news paper today that i noticed the news about the Navy air show going wrong yesterday resulting in the Pilot and Copilot losing their lives.

This is the front page of the paper carrying the news

The Air Show Disaster

On Page 13: The Picture Of The Dead Co-Pilot

The Pic Of The Diseased Co-Pilot

The very next page of the paper has an Ad!

An Ad! To Join The Navy

Have we become so inconsiderate? Its almost like saying “ok so he is dead”, “who want to replace him?”. The newspaper must have at least that sense.


2 responses to “Define Irony?

  1. This is ridiculous.

    a) Ads are generally booked well in advance, before knowledge of the tragedy.
    b) the location of the Ad is dependent on the price paid for it by the person booking. Thus, the fact that it is on the page after this particular news story only reflects the amount that the Navy was willing to pay (it could have been on the front page if the Navy paid a premium for that).
    Bottom line, an unavoidable coincidence.

  2. @C, i beg to differ. Its quite possible that the ad is booked well in advance. But it is still with the new paper to decide the when they can publish the ad. Incase you did not know, please contact TOI and Hindu who were also slated to put up the application on the same day but they differed it. Not that these two news papers are morally superior but they atleast had that sense and iam sure the Navy wont object the delay.

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