A Drive Through Mudumalai/Bandipur National Park Via Ooty

I had 2 days of free time and did not want to waste it sitting idle or watch “Avathar”. So me and Arun decided to just drive down to Coimbatore to a relatives place. There are multiple ways to reach Coimbatore from Bangalore. The well known route is the Hosur road. We decided to take alternate route via Kanakpura Road.

Bangalore – Kanakpura – Malavalli – Kollegal – Sathyamangalam – Coimbatore

Apart from a 30km bad stretch the road was quite good and were able to reach the destination in 7 hours. On our return journey we wanted to take the Ooty – Mysore Route which is much longer but very scenic

Coimbatore – Ooty – Mysore – Bangalore

Here are few photos taken during the road trip.

Load! Too much?

Tea Plantations

Green Everywhere!

And More...

Where are the tigers? I see only monkey

OK! Now where are the lazy tigers? Eat Eat Eat!!


One response to “A Drive Through Mudumalai/Bandipur National Park Via Ooty

  1. Never knew that one can reach Mysore via Kanakpura Road. Definitely going to try it out the next time I visit Bandipur. I’m a regular at Bandipur and make it a point to stay at my favorite Bandipur lodge It adds so much more to the experience with it’s sheer location. The jungle just comes to life as night folds.

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